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Muesli, porridge, corn flakes are some of the healthier breakfast options that provide fiber and other essential nutrients. They provide the right dose of energy, are filling and taste great. With Balviten products you can enjoy the great taste of breakfast without worrying about the gluten content.

In the category below you will find gluten-free muesli and oatmeal, a variety of blends with amaranth grains, and excellent breakfast products for children and adults. For gourmands, something with chocolate and cocoa, gluten-free corn flakes, funny animal flakes for the youngest, and for lovers of healthy eating gluten-free corn crisps, chia seeds and diet mixes with fruit. Thanks to the huge variety of products, your breakfasts will become not only nutritious but also interesting. We guarantee gluten-free safety of all products and compliance with the required standards of healthy eating.

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