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With Balviten products, your list of sweet snacks is endless. You will find gluten-free sweets of all kinds, from traditional cakes, muffins and biscuits, to chocolates and bars, to waffle waffles. We also recommend crispy snacks and snacks, gluten-free salted sticks, crisps and healthy fruit chips. With our cake mixes, you can prepare your own homemade baked goods without looking for gluten-free cake recipes.

Of course, we also have something for real gourmands, i.e. for the youngest. Gluten-free sweets especially for children, cookies in funny shapes, lollipops, candies and jelly beans. We know that the most difficult thing for children is to give up sweet pleasures, so we constantly try to prepare new attractive offers for them, so that each day can bring a little surprise. Now the toddler does not have to feel that his diet is different from his peers. When you give him our sweets, you can be sure that they are safe. Balviten products and the manufacturers recommended by us are laboratory tested and have the necessary certificates.

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